• 2023

The Pipe-Fixion chair takes the classic tubular chair and turns it on its head, returning to the raw construction site tube. Assembled from nineteen anodized aluminum tubes, the chair takes its inspiration from construction site materials: stored awaiting use, they are objects in the making, to be invented. The clips, the chair's backbone, solidify to become twelve black PETG carbon clamps, inspired by scaffolding assemblies and bicycle poles. The assembly clamp is not concealed, but is highlighted in that it enables us to move from the tube as a structural element to the tube as a tray/surface. Pipe-Fixion challenges the visitor's eye with its unusual angles and the rigidity of its seat. Without seeking comfort, the chair is a concept: a modular object that can be transformed and dismantled at will. It is presented for the first time in its physical version during PAris Design Week and Dutch Design Week. The images were produced in collaboration with Mark Bush